Specification of lumina 950 leaked to the net
Just a few weeks ago, Microsoft confirmed that it is working on new models of Lumia smartphones, which will be released in parallel with the Windows 10 debut. One of them
SkinSuit will help astronauts stay healthy
Man has not been designed to stay in zero gravity for a long time, so his body is degraded after a while, with muscle loss, weakening of the bones, visual deterioration, weakening
Stingray is eagerly used by New York police
The United States may appear to be a state of law, but after Edward Snowden's release, we are not so sure. Especially when they are abusing Stingray technology to monitor phone
State-of-the-art printers created with coffee!
The idea of ​​an inkjet printer appeared - just like all good ideas - at the moment of dazzle. Over 30 years ago, one of the researchers working at HP noticed that there
Ion with new security
Lithium-ion batteries will be found not only in portable devices, but also in cars, planes and many other devices. However, this technology is very unreliable and often poses a serious threat to
Tron quattro presented in Detroit
A few days ago, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Audi presented the conceptual hydrogen-powered h-tron quattro model. At the start of the car dealership in Detroid, we have
Different versions of pouch leaked to the network, we have photos
Spigen is known in the United States for selling smartphones. Interestingly, announcements of their new products often occur faster than the devices themselves

Sphero 2.0 Robot Ball Review

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10 Essential Accessories To Supercharge Your Ultrabook

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Chinese dron will not disturb firefighters

Forest fires are extremely dangerous because they spread rapidly and are very difficult to extinguish due to the high density of trees. What’s worse, firefighters are increasingly interfering in the firefighting activities of drones whose pilots feel that it will be great to film such a fire. Fortunately, DJI is introducing a system in its products that will prevent such incidents.

The world’s largest unmanned aerial vehicle manufacturer, its latest models feature virtual fence technology that prevents them from flying into restricted areas. Now, the DJI has enriched the forested area system with fire so that pilots of these machines will not interfere with firefighters in their firefighting.

The manufacturer has updated the Geospatial Environment Online software, which is a kind of virtual fence, which is currently receiving real-time forest fires in the United States, and thus a real-time flight ban is introduced. In other words, if a fire breaks out in a given area, the dron will not be able to fly there.

This is to facilitate the work of firefighters, because drones often come in the way of helicopters and extinguishing fireplaces. This will certainly be very helpful in California, where forest fires are frequent and drones are especially reckless.…

Microsoft truncates OneDrive capacity

You get the impression that Microsoft is preparing to give up on keeping the OneDrive network up and running. This is demonstrated by the successive reductions in disk space available to users who have just been reduced to 5 GB.

Until recently, the OneDrive network drive, due to its very large disk space, was one of the best of its kind in the market. Unfortunately, good times are over, and it seems that the service is getting less and less important for the concern as it’s just a 5 GB hard drive.

The plan was announced last year, but then it was decided that such a sudden change could be a shock to users, so it was decided that current users would retain their current capacity for another 12 months. The protection period is now over, which means that until July 27, any OneDrive user, regardless of whether he has just registered or has an account for a long time, will have at his disposal only 5 GB of free space.…

ASUS Zenfone 2 charges the fastest

The large battery installed on the smartphone is a great advantage as it provides longer battery life. Please note, however, that this also means a longer loading time. Fortunately, this is not a problem with the ASUS Zenfone 2, which loads very fast.

Tom’s Guide has recently conducted battery test on the most popular smartphones, including the Nexus 6, the Samsung Galaxy S6, the LG G4, the Motorola Droid Turbo, the iPhone 6, and the previously mentioned ASUS Zenfone 2, which has been a huge winner and has beaten all rivals.

Of course, the test should be treated with a certain distance, because these models have completely different batteries, but it was mainly to show which models are loaded the fastest in a certain time period, because it is particularly important for users. Imagine we are waiting for an important phone and just got a battery. So we only have a few minutes to charge it, so it would be good if after that time the hardware worked for at least tens of minutes.

During the first attempt, the device was recharged for 5 minutes and the ASUS Zenfone 2 proved to be the best, with 17% of the battery charged, ahead of Nexus 6 and OnePlus 2, which received 12%. After about 15 minutes, the ASUS Zenfone 2 already had a battery charged at 32%, and the second was the Galaxy S6, which had a battery charge of 27%. After 30 minutes both Asus and Samsung had a battery charged at 53 percent.…

Ion with new security

Lithium-ion batteries will be found not only in portable devices, but also in cars, planes and many other devices. However, this technology is very unreliable and often poses a serious threat to users. Researchers from Singapore have developed a system that can improve the level of safety in use.

Lithium-ion batteries have built-in circuitry that monitors their voltage and temperature and controls the amount of energy stored and can warn of overheating. However, Professor Rachid Yazami of the Institute of Energy at Nanyang Technological University believes, however, that these systems are not ideal and do not have the capability to detect faults that could lead to dangerous failures.

So he developed a whole new kind of chip that more accurately monitors the battery charge level as well as its current state. The system uses algorithms based on the electrochemical measurement of thermodynamics, and the collected data is presented in clear graphs that better determine the current state of the battery. This can be followed by the progressive degradation of the battery as well as the optimization of the charging process, not only to keep it in perfect condition but also to accelerate the charging itself.…

See what’s under the cover

The iPad Air just pops up store shelves all over the world. This means that his moment of truth has come, and as always the reliable editors of the site have decided to see what is hidden inside is the youngest child of Cupertino.

The iPads have since been regarded as the nightmare of a serviceman, the mass of glue, and the difficult, and often unchangeable components, spent the night with the eyelids of the service technicians. Has the situation changed for iPad Air?

As a plus of the new design is a relatively easy to remove LCD panel and battery that is not soldered to the motherboard.

Unfortunately the downsides are much more. To get to the aforementioned display, you have to remove the front panel, which is glued to the rest of the case, so it can easily be damaged during removal. Also, to detach the front panel of the device, first remove the LCD that is between them.…

SkinSuit will help astronauts stay healthy

Man has not been designed to stay in zero gravity for a long time, so his body is degraded after a while, with muscle loss, weakening of the bones, visual deterioration, weakening of the heart, Researchers at RMIT University in Melbourne have created technology to prevent this.

Man has been preparing for cosmic conquest for years, but it will be a huge challenge for human beings because they are not adapted to zero gravity. The astronauts on board the ISS experience this, and after a long mission they see a decrease in muscle mass, weakening of the bones and myocardial muscles, visual deterioration and stretching of the spine. Every month, astronauts lose about two percent of their bone mass, and the spine stretches 7 centimeters, resulting in dislocations and severe pain.

The problem becomes more serious when we start flying to other planets, then the weightlessness will be much longer. To prevent changes to the organism that is associated with it, scientists from the Australian University of RMIT have developed a special costume called SkinSuit.

This is an outfit designed to simulate pressure, such as at the gravitational level, to prevent the spine from stretching. The idea was taken from the costume worn by the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000 with the gold medalist Cathy Freeman. The costume was developed by James Waldie, aviation engineer, in collaboration with MIT scientists, Kings College London and ESA. It was made by the Italian company Dainese, which makes leather jackets for motorcyclists on a daily basis, and is made of multi-directional elastic material that can mimic the pressure of gravity.…

Snowden reveals more secrets

Snowden reveals the secrets of NSA. The latest information sheds some light on the secret base of US intelligence, based in the United Kingdom.

The base is located in Menwith Hill Station in North Yorkshire and is located next to the Royal Air Force Base. Its task is to capture international communication on a huge scale.

The database captures it in two ways. The first of these is called FORNSAT and uses powerful antennas located under the dome resembling a golf ball that intercept data transmissions between foreign satellites. Another way is called OVERHEAD and uses US government satellites to find and monitor cellular and Wi-Fi signals.

The system works on a scale difficult to imagine. According to the Intercept journalists, only during a 12-hour change in May 2011, he registered more than 335 million metadata records containing information such as sender / recipient, email, caller’s phone number and time of call.

The data then goes to a system called GHOSTHUNTER that was designed to support military operations and allows the NSA to look at a specific area by focusing on individuals or entire groups that should be captured or killed.

The GHOSTHUNTER system has been in use for many years and helps fight terrorism. He made it possible to eliminate al Qaida’s weapon supplier.…

Documentary about The Pirate Bay coming soon online

On February 8th, the premiere of an interesting document titled “TPB AFK”, which tells the founders of the most popular and at the same time the most controversial pirate site – The Pirate Bay.

On this day, the document will be presented at Berlinale in Berlin at the International Film Festival, and will go online, from where it can be downloaded at no charge. It will be the first such event, while the film is also presented at Berlinale and goes online.

The document was partly funded two years ago by the Kickstarter funds, but the production was halted by a decision of the Swedish Supreme Court, which settled the fate of the founders of The Pirate Bay.

The document brings us closer to the founders of the world’s most controversial site, presents us with their way of perceiving the world and losing the fight against the Swedish justice system. And so is his trailer.…