Forest fires are extremely dangerous because they spread rapidly and are very difficult to extinguish due to the high density of trees. What’s worse, firefighters are increasingly interfering in the firefighting activities of drones whose pilots feel that it will be great to film such a fire. Fortunately, DJI is introducing a system in its products that will prevent such incidents.

The world’s largest unmanned aerial vehicle manufacturer, its latest models feature virtual fence technology that prevents them from flying into restricted areas. Now, the DJI has enriched the forested area system with fire so that pilots of these machines will not interfere with firefighters in their firefighting.

The manufacturer has updated the Geospatial Environment Online software, which is a kind of virtual fence, which is currently receiving real-time forest fires in the United States, and thus a real-time flight ban is introduced. In other words, if a fire breaks out in a given area, the dron will not be able to fly there.

This is to facilitate the work of firefighters, because drones often come in the way of helicopters and extinguishing fireplaces. This will certainly be very helpful in California, where forest fires are frequent and drones are especially reckless.

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