Spigen is known in the United States for selling smartphones. Interestingly, announcements of their new products often occur faster than the devices themselves were created. This was the case with the HTC One W8 and the same with the iPhone 6.

Spigen on eBay has launched four new products that will surely attract the attention of fans waiting for the iPhone 6 smartphone. This is a set of polycarbonate cases. It would not be surprising if it were not for the fact that the iPhone 6 was not officially presented.

The creators of the case must know very well how the device is presented and its appearance betray the product images themselves. What’s more, the offer also confirmed the size of the smartphone, which will certainly be 4.7 inches. Moreover, we also learned a few things about the physical buttons and exits / entrances, whose position was to be gently changed with respect to the previous version.

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