Lithium-ion batteries will be found not only in portable devices, but also in cars, planes and many other devices. However, this technology is very unreliable and often poses a serious threat to users. Researchers from Singapore have developed a system that can improve the level of safety in use.

Lithium-ion batteries have built-in circuitry that monitors their voltage and temperature and controls the amount of energy stored and can warn of overheating. However, Professor Rachid Yazami of the Institute of Energy at Nanyang Technological University believes, however, that these systems are not ideal and do not have the capability to detect faults that could lead to dangerous failures.

So he developed a whole new kind of chip that more accurately monitors the battery charge level as well as its current state. The system uses algorithms based on the electrochemical measurement of thermodynamics, and the collected data is presented in clear graphs that better determine the current state of the battery. This can be followed by the progressive degradation of the battery as well as the optimization of the charging process, not only to keep it in perfect condition but also to accelerate the charging itself.

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