The iPad Air just pops up store shelves all over the world. This means that his moment of truth has come, and as always the reliable editors of the site have decided to see what is hidden inside is the youngest child of Cupertino.

The iPads have since been regarded as the nightmare of a serviceman, the mass of glue, and the difficult, and often unchangeable components, spent the night with the eyelids of the service technicians. Has the situation changed for iPad Air?

As a plus of the new design is a relatively easy to remove LCD panel and battery that is not soldered to the motherboard.

Unfortunately the downsides are much more. To get to the aforementioned display, you have to remove the front panel, which is glued to the rest of the case, so it can easily be damaged during removal. Also, to detach the front panel of the device, first remove the LCD that is between them.

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