Man has not been designed to stay in zero gravity for a long time, so his body is degraded after a while, with muscle loss, weakening of the bones, visual deterioration, weakening of the heart, Researchers at RMIT University in Melbourne have created technology to prevent this.

Man has been preparing for cosmic conquest for years, but it will be a huge challenge for human beings because they are not adapted to zero gravity. The astronauts on board the ISS experience this, and after a long mission they see a decrease in muscle mass, weakening of the bones and myocardial muscles, visual deterioration and stretching of the spine. Every month, astronauts lose about two percent of their bone mass, and the spine stretches 7 centimeters, resulting in dislocations and severe pain.

The problem becomes more serious when we start flying to other planets, then the weightlessness will be much longer. To prevent changes to the organism that is associated with it, scientists from the Australian University of RMIT have developed a special costume called SkinSuit.

This is an outfit designed to simulate pressure, such as at the gravitational level, to prevent the spine from stretching. The idea was taken from the costume worn by the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000 with the gold medalist Cathy Freeman. The costume was developed by James Waldie, aviation engineer, in collaboration with MIT scientists, Kings College London and ESA. It was made by the Italian company Dainese, which makes leather jackets for motorcyclists on a daily basis, and is made of multi-directional elastic material that can mimic the pressure of gravity.

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