Snowden reveals the secrets of NSA. The latest information sheds some light on the secret base of US intelligence, based in the United Kingdom.

The base is located in Menwith Hill Station in North Yorkshire and is located next to the Royal Air Force Base. Its task is to capture international communication on a huge scale.

The database captures it in two ways. The first of these is called FORNSAT and uses powerful antennas located under the dome resembling a golf ball that intercept data transmissions between foreign satellites. Another way is called OVERHEAD and uses US government satellites to find and monitor cellular and Wi-Fi signals.

The system works on a scale difficult to imagine. According to the Intercept journalists, only during a 12-hour change in May 2011, he registered more than 335 million metadata records containing information such as sender / recipient, email, caller’s phone number and time of call.

The data then goes to a system called GHOSTHUNTER that was designed to support military operations and allows the NSA to look at a specific area by focusing on individuals or entire groups that should be captured or killed.

The GHOSTHUNTER system has been in use for many years and helps fight terrorism. He made it possible to eliminate al Qaida’s weapon supplier.

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