The idea of ​​an inkjet printer appeared – just like all good ideas – at the moment of dazzle. Over 30 years ago, one of the researchers working at HP noticed that there were no moving parts in the coffee maker and that the water was moving only through heat. So was the idea of ​​transferring ink drops to paper with high temperature.

From the idea to the implementation of HP engineers took five years. In 1984, HP introduced the world’s HP Thinkjet inkjet printer, which revolutionized print technology. Dot-matrix printers began to go away.

Another success had to wait until 1987. HP then presented its first color printer. The next two years the manufacturer devoted to work on the device home. In 1989, HP presented the HP Deskjet – the first inkjet printer that can print on plain paper in high definition. This printer has been a leading product used in homes and offices for a number of years. The price of the device was nearly one thousand USD and that was the cheapest offer on the market.

1991 brought a solution for the mass market. HP has introduced the “affordable” HP Deskjet 500C printer. The price of the device was $ 729, and it was possible to print 300 dpi black prints of up to three pages per minute.

In 1992, users could buy a color printer, the HP Deskjet 550C. It can print four pages per minute, color printing takes up to four times more time.

HP is developing a small business and home appliance market, in 1994 the HP Officejet Multifunction Printer (printer-fax-copier) is shown.

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1997 was premier for photo printing – introduced the first HP Photosmart, for six ink cartridges.

With the spread of wireless networks, the manufacturer began to develop solutions for them. In 2003, the first wireless printer was sold. The HP Deskjet 5850 enabled printing via Wi-Fi and Ethernet.

2005 is the premiere of the world’s fastest photo printing devices, based on HP’s scalable print technology, the HP Photosmart 8250 Photo Printer and the HP Officejet Pro K550.

In response to business needs in 2008, HP has introduced two-sided printing in its office printers as a standard solution.

Record sales for 20 years on the market – 2008 HP sold more than 240 million HP Deskjet printers and “all-in-one combine machines”.

In 2009, HP presented its first iPhone application – HP iPrint Photo, and the world’s first home printer with direct Internet connection – HP Photosmart Premium

2011 is the year of HP ePrint.

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